How to request explanations

Welcome to the LSAT Explanation Library!

This is a new project I am starting, and as such, you’ll notice that this library is pretty sparse at the moment. My goal is to add new explanations each week to build out the library steadily.

In order for this to be maximally helpful for you (and sustainable for me), I’d like to ask for both your cooperation and your patience.

If you don’t see an explanation for the question you’re looking for, please request it! That way, I know I’ll be creating the explanations that will be most helpful for you.

In order for me not to be completely overwhelmed and because I don’t want to overpromise what’s actually sustainable for me, each tutoring student can request an explanation for 1 game, 1 reading passage, or 5 LR questions per week. If I can do more, I will. (Likely prioritizing the tests that don’t have explanations on LSAT Hacks.)